Kappler® DuraChem® 200 Full Ensemble #D2H632-9212

DuraChem 200 Full Ensemble

Kappler® DuraChem® 200 Full Ensemble #D2H632-9212

The Kappler DuraChem 200 Full Ensemble provides protection against chemical, arc flash, steam, hot water, and molten metal splash hazards. The apparel is breathable to improve the wearer’s comfort and is highly visible to improve wearer’s safety. This DuraChem 200 D2H632-9212 Full Ensemble has a jacket, bib overall, attachable hood and glove cone inserts. This multi-piece protective configuration is certified to NFPA 1992/2018, NFPA 2112/2018 and NFPA 70E/2018.

DuraChem 200 Brochure

Hi-Vis Yellow


Seam Style:
Heat Sealed/Taped Seam

Flame Resistant – NFPA 2112 & ASTM F2733.
Chemical – NFPA 1992.
Hi-Vis – ANSI/ISEA 107 Type P, Class 3, plus compliant with OSHA Roadside Emergency Response requirements.
Arc Flash – NFPA 70E & ASTM F1891.
Molten Metal Splash – ASTM F955.