Kappler Frontline® 500 FR / Chemical Protection Suit #F5H582-91, #F5H583-91

Frontline 500 FR Chem Suit

Kappler Frontline® 500 FR / Chemical Protection Suit #F5H582-91, #F5H583-91

Get triple assurance with a single suit certified to NFPA 1991. Frontline® 500 offers three-way protection – broad chemical holdout, plus flame resistance and radiant heat protection for the additional hazards encountered in a chemical flash-fire. NFPA certification now includes base plus Optional Flash Fire and Liquified Gas requirements.

Kappler's single-suit design means goodbye to the days of a cumbersome two-suit NFPA 1991 configuration. As with all Kappler apparel, this is a multi-use, single exposure garment. Offering comparable protection to Kappler’s Zytron® 500 chemical apparel, Frontline 500 provides excellent holdout for the ASTM F1001 battery and beyond.

For optimal radiant heat protection, Kappler's commitment to user survivability led us to use the more demanding Pyroman Thermal Manikin testing in addition to the NFPA 1991 Chemical Flash Fire Option. Pyroman results for Frontline 500 indicated 0% body burn – a huge confidence factor when facing a chemical flash situation.

Chemical, flash, radiant – three hazards, one suit. With Frontline 500, Kappler's got your back – and your front.

Kappler® Frontline® 500 Brochure

Front Entry or Back Entry

Expanded Back for SCBA (SCBA not included)

Glove System:
Butyl Outer Gloves w/ Ansell Barrier® Liner and Kevlar Outerglove.

Large Antifog Visor


Case Quantity:
1 Suit per Case

Seam Style:
Double Heat Sealed and Taped

*Heat Sealed and Taped Seam Garments feature a double storm flap with hook and loop closure over the front zipper.

Silver w/ Orange Taped Seams


  • Hazmat response
  • Chemical handling with potential for chemical flash-fire

Features & Benefits:

  • Combines chemical, flash-fire and radiant heat protection in a single suit
  • Seams are sewn and double heat-sealed/taped for added protection
  • Large expanded-view face shield improves field of vision with antifog coating
  • Unique 2N1™ glove system prevents inner glove inversion when removing hands