Kappler® - ChemTape®

Kappler® - ChemTape®

Kappler® New Digital Pressure Test Kit - AKM0C


Kappler® Digital Pressure Test Kit - AKMOC

Kappler's All New Pressure Test Kit was custom-designed for testing gas-tight suits. With ergonomically friendly controls and easy-to-read gauges, you never have to guess whether your Level A garments are good to go.


Pelican Case with Built-in Digital Kappler Pressure Test Kit.
Connection Fittings (2)
Hoses (2)
USB Thumb Drive (1)
Manual Bladder (1)


-Large easy to read Touch-Screen for selecting test criteria and data storage

-Heavy Duty Pelican Case

-Flexible, Easy and Extremely Accurate

-Improves Efficiency for both ASTM and CE Methods

Kappler® Digital Pressure Test Kit Brochure

*User simply provides an air supply with a 1/4 inch MNPT fitting.